• I still see only one Cutting Edge firmware for bangle.js 2 here: https://www.espruino.com/Download#bangle­js2.
    I've seen that someone noticed that and the fact that there are Bangle.js 2 releases under bangle.js 1 as well. Now I don't see the latter, but still no official releases for Bangle 2 though.

    Is there no official releases for bangle 2 yet?

  • As I understand it 2.11.0 is due any day now. But there are regular builds of the firmware known as cutting edge builds. This does not mean they are buggy but they do sometimes have new features that are being tested in the real world and may sometimes need to be rethought, based on feedback from those who have maybe contributed fixes or who have tested. I tend to upgrade to the latest cutting edge build every few weeks. I have only once ran into issues.

    Main reason to upgrade is to get specific bug fixes that can't be done in Apps.

    The main noticeable changes come in the Apps.

  • Sure, I get it. I'm using the latest cutting edge without any issues. But shouldn't there be a v2.10 official release on a download page?

  • 2.10.x no. . The early versions of 2.10 were before Bangle 2 was available. All kickstarter builds shipped with 2.10.219, that's the closest to an official Bangle 2 f/m release at the moment.

    I don't think the nightly build link has all previous builds, if that’s what you mean? I guess the worst thing that could happen is that the cutting edge build broke something badly but it would get picked up really quickly and there would be a fix by the next morning.

  • Oh, ok. I haven't actually checked when 2.10 was released. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Yes - 2v11 is coming soon, I was actually running a build last night. I'd have done a release when the first KickStarter boards were released, but because I have to do builds for all boards and the builds for smartibot and micro:bit 1 were failing I couldn't do one.

  • Installing updated firmware using NRF Connect doesn't work on my iOS 14. Message is that the device (iPhone) doesn't support NRF Connect. Updating using the web IDE is easier.

    (Often instructions assume serious coding ability, detailed knowledge of Bangle, and Android devices. I have none of those.)

  • Have you tried nRF Toolbox instead?

    Same kind of process - download the FW zip file to your computer, Share with nRF Toolbox, Connect to DfuTarg, Upload FW.

    (The only thing about this is that the watch keeps disconnecting, so you have to repeatedly click on Retry to get the upload to continue - and it does incrementally upload each time you click Retry, though only at 1-2% each time; eventually you get to 100% though.)

    [iPhone 11 PM, iOS 15.1]

  • Thanks. Process looks cumbersome. Web IDE worked.

  • 2v11 is available via Espruino/nRF Toolbox. I don't see it listed in the Web IDE.

  • In Web IDE, it's necessary only to select the upper right settings icon, choose flasher on the left, and follow the instructions. I've installed 2v11 on both version 1 and version 2 of the watch.

  • Interesting. The IDE does not mention Bangle 1 or 2 in the Flasher instructions. I wonder why if this works the officially supported method is the NRF tools / DFUtarg instructions. I have 2.10.251 on my main watch so thats pretty close to 2.11.0 as far as I can see.

  • I couldn't get Flasher to work at all. I think it was picking the hex file rather than the zip. Looks like something has changed and it's likely to work now. Already on 2v11, so not going to try until the next time there's a new version.

  • If you go one step further - Flash Firmware - it gives you the Bangle 1 and 2 board in the dropdown menu!

  • I wonder why if this works the officially supported method is the NRF tools / DFUtarg instructions

    Because some users have reported some instability. But now it seems Apple's broken NRF Connect on new iOS installs I guess it may be the best solution for many users.

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Still no official releases on espruino.com/Download#banglejs2

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