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  • Any chance of adding a Delete All command please?

    Also, how about a full screen for messages so that the text can be larger for the preview?

  • I was wanting to ask for this as well!
    Also I think the app doesn't need to be full screen, but making messages scrollable would solve the text overlapping I've encountered

  • Not sure about the full screen, but the text needs to be at least twice the size so it's readable, even if that means only have the opening few words...

  • That and a gesture to scroll. I used to read almost full emails on my pebble by scrolling down. You could even have the buttons stay at the bottom when scrolling and just scroll the text.

  • Yes, having a scroll down would be possible - however I'm not sure the current scroller code will work non-fullscreen, so there might be some fiddling needed. For now it may be easier to just have a separate full-screen scrollable page

    Any thoughts on where a 'delete all' should be available from? That menu that you get to from the top-left?

  • Hi Gordon,

    That's where I was thinking it could be. Perhaps at the bottom, after Mark Unread, so that it's not accidentally selected when Delete (the current message) was intended.

    BTW, is there any reason Music is always shown in Messages?

  • @Gordon - another thought:

    Might it be possible to allow for selection of which apps can send notifications (Messages) to the watch? For example, I really don't need incoming emails to be notified.

  • @ajkm That's taken care of on the phone side, and is already implemented in Gadgetbridge (the Android app). But, IIRC, you use an Iphone so maybe that option isn't available there...

  • Yep, iPhone. Since there's no Bangle configuration app on the iPhone, it's not possible to control which iPhone apps send notifications to the watch.

  • BTW, is there any reason Music is always shown in Messages?

    It just seemed like an easy place to put it for easy access.

    Filtering could be added pretty easily. I guess maybe it makes sense to put it in the messages app so you could use it with Gadgetbridge even if you wanted. Maybe another option in that dropdown for 'ignore messages from this app'

  • Working with iPhone, but a setting to ignore certain apps might be an idea.

  • Yes I also vote for this suggestion. Can you also add details how to delete individual messages? Also for some message types like music tracks I am not able to delete the message. I can only open it and go back.

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  • There is now a delete all option if you tap on the message's icon - you just can't access it from the music menu.

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Messages App - Delete All

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