Bangle.js2 black screen

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  • Received my bangle.js 2 over the weekend. Opened and charged it for a few hours. Pressed the button and got to a screen with a menu. Rolled the menu, the screen went black. It's been like that following an additional charge, charge with a 2nd cable, short button presses, long button presses, wiggled button presses (per forums). I've tried to connect with the Web IDE on a couple of computers but the device doesn't show up. I did check that the cables are delivering 5.18v. Is there something I've missed or should test?

  • Argh, sorry about that. It's very interesting that the screen actually worked for you for a while first. Have you seen any other activity out of it, like it buzzing? Does the backlight light up, even though the display is black?

    Do you think you could try connecting to it via Bluetooth again? because it's possible that with all the button pressing it just got into bootloader mode (which it'd exit after ~1 minute of inactivity).

    It sounds a lot like maybe the battery is totally flat and for some reason it's not charging. Thanks for checking the cable voltage - please could you just take a look at the rear connectors on the watch and see if they look ok? Maybe give them a quick rub with a cloth and try again?

    But otherwise I guess it may be replacement time.

  • First check was in a dark room for backlight: negative.
    Never heard any buzzing.

    Rechecked Web IDE following sitting for a while, 3s press, 6s press, 10s & 20s: negative, "no compatible device found"

    Cleaned with an artgum eraser and alcohol. Showing 3.32v across center 2 pins, nothing across outer pins. Charged for an hour, tried 3 seconds, 6s, 10s and 20s. No sign of screen activity or a backlight. Rechecked the IDE as above, same result.

    I haven't read all of the documentation but can't see what I might have selected by doing that first random scroll that would lock it up.

    Magical thinking has me continuing to press the button every once in a while, but in the words of a famous doctor: "I think it's dead, Jim", (although, glad to try/test anything else you can think of).

  • Ok, thanks for checking all that! Really interesting about the 3.3v on the middle 2 pins because that shows the processor is powered up and the battery is charged enough - so we can rule that out. It sure does sound dead.

    I'll drop you an email now and will arrange a replacement...

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Bangle.js2 black screen

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