• UPDATE: Seems to be working now. Idk if it needed to be "broken in" but the button has been working reliably for about an hour and a half now. Will update if it stops working but no need to read rest of post.


    My bangle arrived today and I had went through the welcome. I wasn't sure if the button was finicky at that point but it was still registering presses. Then went to the app loader to get updated versions of apps. After that point I realized that I couldn't get past the "Hold button to reload" screen.

    I do remember at the start that the button was a bit clicky but now it's more mushy. Now I'm not certain but I believe maybe I crushed the button? I hope it's not a possibility as I don't think I pressed it too hard and I'd like to figure this out as I quite like it despite having it for only a few mins.

    I can still connect to it fine over bluetooth and it responds to the charging cable attaching/unattaching. I can use Bangle.off() and then changing the charging state to reboot it but I feel like I'm pretty limited here. Note that while it's off it also doesn't respond to the button -- only the disturbance of the charging cord. I've since done "Install default apps" to no change.

    I feel like I should try using tweezers to see if tugging outward on the button would cause a change but I thought I'd post on the forums first to see if this is a smart course of action. I know it's night in the UK so I'll check in the morning. I'm gonna turn it off and let it sit overnight half charged.

    2v10.219 is the firmware and the bluetooth widget says 11 d4.

  • I don't understand. I left it alone a short bit and the button is clicky (like breaking a tiny bone) and the button is functioning again. A few mins later and with some interactions (going to the menu) the button is mushy and completely non responsive.

    Also when it was "unresponsive" and off, it seems like sometimes the button will click itself and turn on.

  • I experience the same with my Bangle 1, but the other way round. The buttons are mushy until I work them in for a while. Usually they start working properly after a few presses. I believe this has to do with poor quality of the seals/lubrication of the button. I don't think there is really anything you can do about it. I have yet to receive my Bangle 2, so I have no other advice right now.

  • I hope you get yours too! The emulator helps but there's nothing like running the apps on your wrist!

    Pebble did a lot for third party app creation but it's so slick when literally every part of the device is editable and it's so easy to prototype with the web IDE.

    Are you waiting from Europe?

  • Are you waiting from Europe?

    Yep, Germany to be specific. I think Gordon is still working on figuring out how to ship without having us to pay import tax again (thanks Royal mail for the screw up). ;-) I'm being patient, I already have my Bangle 1 and I'm happy with it. Couldn't withstand backing the Bangle 2 though.

  • Glad it sorted itself! But yes, please keep me updated if it starts to play up again

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Bangle.js 2 button not functioning after a few mins of use?

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