Bangle 2 HRM problem

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  • Hi,
    all HRM apps do not work on my Bangle 2. The Heart Rate Monitor (v0.06) counts down to 1 and gets stuck and also the Health Tracking App stops working when I enable HRM. The firmware was udpated yesterday.
    Any idea on this?

  • Just saw that there is a small plastic foil covering the sensor. But removing it does not change anything.

  • When the heart rate monitor app runs, you say it just gets stuck showing the countdown? It should start displaying a line going across the screen.

    Does the green LED on the back of the Bangle light up?

    What if you connect with the Web IDE? Do you see any errors when you run these things?

    What if when connected you reset with reset() and then just type Bangle.setHRMPower(1)?

  • Bangle.setHRMPower(1)

    no, it does not light up although:

    > Bangle.isHRMOn()

    The HRM app has no console messages, but gets stuck with "Please wait ... 1".
    Is it ok that reset() gets only the Bangle startup screen?

  • Is it ok that reset() gets only the Bangle startup screen?

    Yes, that's right - but just long-pressing the button should return it to working as normal.

    no, it does not light up

    Ok, thanks for checking. That's not great then. What if you call Bangle.isHRMOn() immediately after reset? Does it report false, or true?

  • It says true, but no light

  • I tried some other things, but as far as I can check it, the sensor is not working.

  • I saw that at least the health tracking app requires firmware 2v11
    Is this the problem with all HRM apps? On the website (and travis master) there is only 2v10. Bit confused now...

    In the log sometimes appears:

    HEALTH ERR: Already written!
  • the health tracking app requires firmware 2v11

    That's fine, it's just that I was expecting to have released 2v11 by now. It just means it won't work on 2v10, but the 2v10.219 the watches ship with is fine.

    I'll reply in email...

  • I have the 2v10.219 and my health tracking app doesn’t work either. I uploaded the basic HRM app and ran it. It works and the green lights on the back of the watch light up, but the Health Tracking app doesn’t make the lights come on.

  • Have you gone into settings and set heart rate tracking to 10mins instead of the default which is off.

    After a hour you should see a value in the hour graph. Takes a day to log a days data for the day graphs to work.

  • Yes, the health app has the HRM off by default and it needs to be enabled in settings, because right now with the firmware in its current state it does drain the battery pretty quick. Also it can make the light turn on at night if you're not wearing the Bangle, which might also be annoying.

    Hopefully as the firmware improves I'll move to enabling it by default though

  • Might be worth a Readme file. If I get time I will knock one up.

  • Might be worth a Readme file.

    There is one already that explains exactly what the heart rate setting does

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Bangle 2 HRM problem

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