Android Notifications + HID

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  • Is there any way to get Android notifications + use HID?

    Using GadgetBridge to interface with media seems to not be very good, I cant seem to get anywhere with it and the Bangle.JS android app media controls seem to do absolutely nothing (error about the json being empty pops up on phone when used)

    Sadly the watch isnt very great at reconnecting to the phones native bluetooth and when it does notifications arnt shown on the watch. In addition the watch doesn't seem to like using Gadgetbridge and native android bluetooth at the same time so I cant just have best of both worlds.

    Hopefully the native android app for bangle will work much better when it is launched, (anyone know how this is progressing?)

    I absolutely adore this watch but it seems the connectivity (with android atleast) is severely lacking, everything else seems perfect!

  • I was pretty sure Android notifications and HID should have worked - but you might have to pair with the phone after the HID app is installed.

    However, the Android media controls via Gadgetbridge should work fine - if they don't it's something that'll need fixing - it'll probably be a small tweak, but unfortunately I've had to spend the whole day today sorting out shipping and answering messages I got over the weekend, so you'll just need to hang on a week or two until things calm down and I get more time to look into it.

    anyone know how this is progressing?

    Likely available a few months into 2022 - it'll still use Gadgetbridge though, so while things will improve it'll still be using the same basic code in Gadgetbridge unless there's something deeply broken there.

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Android Notifications + HID

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