• I've had a few issues recently after updating to fw 2v10.223.
    I lost 3 apps when I accidently ran compact in App Manager.

    So I decide to do a full clean install using Bangle.factoryReset(); through the IDE.

    When I attempt to use App Loader site , About / Install Favourites I get the following error at the bottom of the loader screen.

    App Install failed, Not all apps found, missing files

    Its as if the apps wont install as they are not already on the device.


  • Hi, thanks - that's an odd one. I don't suppose you could paste what it says in the developer console when the error has occurred?

    I don't see that here when I run it, so I wonder whether maybe there was some connection issue with the server?

  • I get. 'Failed to load apps/screenshots.json'

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    • Screenshot 2021-11-22 19.43.04.png
  • Failed to load apps/screenshots.json is actually expected - it shouldn't cause any update errors.

    Right - so actually I was mislead by the error ... missing files the problem is actually that you had files set as a favourite app, but that's not set as compatible with Bangle.js 2!

    Just choose bangle.js 1 in the top left, deselect 'files' as a favourite, and you'll be fine. Of course maybe files works on Bangle.js 2 in which case we could tag it as being ok?

  • Hi @Gordon - you were right. It was because I had FileManger in my list of Favourites which was not officially set as supporting B2 in apps.json.

    Having favourites for each device type would be a nice to have but definitely not a must have.

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B2 Install Favourite Apps - not working after Bangle.factoryReset();

Posted by Avatar for HughB @HughB