Notification Confusion

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  • Got my Bangle JS 2 a couple of days ago and am very happy! Thank you for creating such a great and exciting product :)

    There is one thing that I am struggling to understand at the moment though. I do appreciate that this area of functionality is very much in the beta stages but how do I actually configure notifications to come through onto my bangle?

    I have tried a few combinations of the apps available on but I am struggling.

    I'm using GadgetBridge so I have that app installed on my bangle (I'm guessing this is essential). That app alone does not seem to trigger notifications to appear on the bangle so I have tried some of the other notification apps to get it to work.

    The only app that I have found to make notifications appear on my bangle is the "Fullscreen Notifications" app. Without that, no notifications come through to my bangle.

    I have also tried the "Android Integration" and "Messages" apps

    Am I doing something wrong/silly? How have you guys got notifications to work?


  • Have a look at the Readme file (the read more link on the app loader ) for Gadgetbrige. There is a troubleshooting guide.

  • Thanks @HughB, I've checked that page and I have installed the Wave and s7clk clocks and neither have helped. The battery status is being reported by GadgetBridge but I cannot seem to get notifications to work without the full screen app being installed.

    I weirdly did get some notifications to appear on the Messages app but they were very infrequent and the controls barely responded.

    Is it a requirement on Bangle 2 to install full screen notifications app? If not, how do you have yours set up to allow for the notifications and, for example, getting the music controls to work?

  • Hi,

    Gadgetbridge and Fullscreen notifications are needed (FS notifications should be automatically installed if you install the Gadgetbridge app).

    However that's just a bit of a short term solution. Longer term the plan is to move to the 'Android' and 'Messages' apps, and not use the Gadgetbridge app (on the Bangle) at all.

  • Thanks for the reply and clearing that up for me @Gordon. I just noticed yesterday that the FS notifications app comes with GB, should of realised that before!

    I'll keep an eye out for any future updates and when the Android and Messages apps are in full use and for now I'll keep using the FS ones. Thank you!

  • @Gordon Is there anything I (anybody!) can do to help out with the notification apps.
    I've had the same experience as Weagertron and would love to see them working.

  • Is there anything I (anybody!) can do to help out with the notification apps.

    The best thing would be to uninstall the 'Gadgetbridge' bangle app, and to use the Android app on Bangle.js. If you have a specific issue with it, start a forum post with the simplest way to reproduce it you can. You can use the normal Android logcat to get a debug log and see what Gadgetbridge sent, but that is a bit tricky.

    In the next few days I'll try and add a 'debug' mode where the Bangle will save the last few messages from Gadgetbridge, which should help to reproduce and fix any issues you have.

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Notification Confusion

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