• I had to fully rebuild my watch (default Apps failed) after 5 apps failed to upgrade.
    When the watch rebooted it got stuck saying 'checking storage' after the boot screen.
    I could connect through the App Loader.
    Tried to install default apps, erased apps then failed to install.
    Installed Bootloader, Launcher and a couple of Apps and recovered.

    I had the same thing happen a while ago on a Bangle 2, could not find the thread though.

  • What do you mean by:

    I had to fully rebuild my watch

    So you're saying that you did the 'boot without loading code' thing and the App Loader still refused to install default apps?

    it got stuck saying 'checking storage'

    This can take a while sometimes - like 30 seconds or so. Do you think you left it that long?

  • What do you mean by: I had to fully rebuild my watch ?

    I was updating apps using the update button in the App Loader - but 5 apps failed to upload with an error message about missing a file.
    The watch rebooted and stayed at the 'checking storage ....' message.
    I waited for maybe 2-3 minutes as I have experienced this once before and you asked if I had waited more than 30 seconds.

    I then did a BTN long press reboot and same thing happenned - boot hung at checking storage...

    I then connected the App Loader and attempted 'install default apps'.
    It went through the 'Erasing Phase' but then failed to install the default apps.

    At which point I manually installed the default Apps one by one; starting with boot loader, launcher and a clock. This is what I mean by had to rebuild my watch.

    My Kickstart Bangle 2 has come now so I have two Bangle 2s. So I might play around and see if I can find a sure fire way of reproducing this. I am pretty certain that both times I have used the UpdateApps button rather than choosing to upgrade one by one; but could be wrong. I'll need to get both watches in the same config state - same firmware same apps, same versions first though.

  • Thanks - if this ever happens again please can you pull up the developer console and see if you can find out what the error about the missing file was?

    About all I can think is if there was a really flakey internet connection it'd have failed to download the app files, but by that point it would have already deleted the app from storage - which is bound to break things.

  • could be a flaky wifi connection, ours has been playing up recently.

  • During recovery of this situation I accidently kicked off a compact using the App Manger. 3 Apps dissappeared. Today when I was using the IDE I noticed 3 strange looking files. These files refused to be deleted through the IDE. I woud hit the delete icon but the files remained. There was nothing in the files apart from around 16 bytes of 00's when I used the eye icon in the IDE.

    I then decided todo a full factory reset using Bangle.factoryReset();
    This seems to have stabilised things.

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  • Wow, ok - yes, that's a compaction error then.

    I haven't been able to reproduce anything here but I'd love a way of reproducing so I could try and debug it. It only seems to happen super-rarely

    Is it possible that compaction got Ctrl-C'd out of?

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Bangle 2 - had to reinstall watch after app update failures

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