Needing New Forum Device Category For Bangle.js V2

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  • I'm predicting a lot of repetitive confusion to occur if a single Bangle.js forum device listing continues to represent 2x different versions of the device. Perhaps Bangle.js should be renamed to Bangle.js V1 and a new device in the forum for Bangle.js V2.

  • Sun 2021.10.10

    And, . . . it gets just as tricky for all the apps that the original authors may not update, along with those that are compatible on both versions.

    Also, what happens when a question would apply to both, and one might not check the other forum category?

    I'll agree that it does get a bit questionable even to attempt to respond to a forum post, when it might not be known which version we are dealing with. It makes more sense for the poster to indicate which version they have, but getting consistency there may be a challenge.

  • Same discussion I had myself in the Espruino beginnings that it mattered what version you were on... now, it still does, but taking the things with a bit grain of salt... and spice of context, things sort out. Asking back in the forum about versions / context is always welcome.

  • Yeah, I wasn't really thinking about software I guess that does cause another layer of needed care to address. Mostly having a line in the sand with V1 over there and V2 over here simplifies the need to ask questions of the OP when questions are asked, but its pointless to have this separation if the software/apps are for support of both platforms. The solution for that then would be an insane explosion of more narrow focused forum topics, but then it would be a nightmare finding the proper home for questions. The last thing needed is the forum turns into a soupy mess like that seen in Microsoft forums where it's a game of shouting at the OP that they need to post in forum Z because forum Y is for X questions only.

    Probably the easiest solution then is to have the OP provide questions from a template answered to specify which device and other helpful troubleshooting information depending on the question type.

  • I'm not totally against it, but the hope is that there will be a lot of commonality. All the 'I can't connect' type questions have pretty much identical answers in each case, so in a way we'll end up with a lot of duplication.

    I think we'll just see how it goes... if it's becoming a problem I can add a new forum pretty quickly and move posts over.

  • The hope would be that the app codebase improves to support both devices. I think a lot of the discussioons apply to both B1 and B2. I would not want to have to flip between a B1 , B2 and a Bangle both forum. And then what about when Bangle 3 comes along :).

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Needing New Forum Device Category For Bangle.js V2

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