Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor

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  • Hi,
    I was trying the app CSC sensor with a Coospo-Bk805 on my bike.
    The watch does detect it and connects to it.
    Values recorded keep at zero though.
    Whereas, using any app (not only those recommanded by Coospo) on my phone or any other device, detects the Bk805 and records valuable datas (Speed, distance, total distance, cadence, battery level, ...).
    Am I missing a point ? shall i have to tweak CSCS Bangle app to use the correct datas ?
    Any help would be great

  • Hi,
    I am the author of the app. Unfortunately I am spread a little thin at the moment and will not be able to debug this in detail in the next few days (but will hopefully get to it eventually).
    I have tested the app with two different sensors, a Wahoo brand sensor and a no-name sensor from a China direct import website (I don't have access to the latter right now, so I can't check on the exact name or make). Both worked without any special tweaks, so I am not sure what is going on here.
    That being said, I will have to work on the app anyways to adapt it to the new Bangle 2 layout. I will also try to source a Bk805 sensor to see if I can test it out...

  • Perhaps one further clarification: the app currently only reads the 'speed' portion of the data sent by the sensor, I wonder if that is somehow related to your problem... Is there a way to set the sensor to 'speed only' mode?

  • Hi Marko, thank you for having taken a bit of your time to let me know this ! I really appreciate, and don't worry, take your time, there is no urge.

    The Bk805 is providing both cadence and speed in a single module (there are two magnets, one on the pedal lever, the other on the wheel). I haven't found (yet) if it is able to be set to speed only.

    And I ll try to monitor what is sending and received

    nRF Toolbox provides not only the way to update our favourite watch's firmware, but a CSCS monitor too. It reads correctly the BK805's datas. Perhaps digging there to have a clue of how it works...

    I ll too ask my bicycles friends riders if they have other CSCS brandss to test with your app (just to be sure the issue isn't a wrong setting of my watch)

    Looking forward for the next episode

  • I just ordered a BK805 so I'll see if I can figure out why it's not working (it'll be a few weeks before it arrives I think though). It makes me think this would be a great addition to be able to log the information along with a GPS trace.

  • Great ! that s really nice to hear
    Thank you

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Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor

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