Bangle.js 2 Charge Cradle/Dock

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  • I'm starting to look into creating a charge cradle for Bangle.js along the lines of the Bangle.js 1 Charge Cradle, as it'd be nice to offer it and ship out alongside the KickStarter campaign

    Does anyone have any thoughts/requests here?

    The original cradle put the Bangle.js 1 sideways - it felt like there wasn't much choice since it's quite heavy, and the buttons helped to locate it in the stand. However Bangle.js 2 is lighter and could go the right way up...

    So... Right way up:

    • + : Can just use normal apps/clocks as normal
    • - : Stand could be top-heavy
    • - : Much trickier to put the watch in
    • - : Less compatible with other watch straps
    • - : Design the stand to be strong could be problematic


    • + : Button can be facing up, so you just press down to use it
    • + : Just drop the watch on and Gravity does the rest
    • + : Stand would be low profile, strong and sturdy
    • + : It's a similar design to what we have now, so I know it'll work ok
    • . : Screen is square so we can just rotate it in software when on charge with an app
    • - : You need to install a special app or stuff on the screen will be sideways

    Right now I'm thinking sideways - but what do you think?

    Anything on the Bangle.js 1 stand that you disliked?

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  • Here are my two cents:

    I see no advantages putting it the right way up.

    Sideways has all the mentioned benefits and I was also immediately thinking about rotating the screen. Installing an extra app for that I don't see as a disadvantage. Whoever is bothered by the screen being sideways while charging gets an pretty easy fix at no cost.

    Anything on the Bangle.js 1 stand that you disliked?

    I'm using @Mabe's 3d printed stand and that works perfectly for me.

  • Sideways sounds good to me.

  • Sideways also good to me. Simple is beautiful :-)

  • Ok, perfect - thanks! I'll try and get a stand prototyped this week I hope

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Bangle.js 2 Charge Cradle/Dock

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