Bangle Js v2

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  • I thought I'd mention but this watch has the potential to be one of the best cheap watches around, because it has an appstore which is rare on a cheap watch, if it went mainstream instead of being classified as a "hackable " ,"open source" smartwatch it can be just a normal watch with the potential to build your own apps.It's even better with 2.0 because it now has a more common sleek design.

  • Thanks! Yes, it's a good point. I think the out of box experience would need to be more polished (especially on the fitness side of things) and I'd have to have a curated section of the app store, but I think it could be a lot more mainstream.

    It's tricky though - as you get more mainstream people get more picky. With the Bangle 1 I get people who buy it just to try out and then return it 2 weeks later for a refund. I'm not sure I got a single return from the original Espruino board, and I think as I go more mainstream that sort of thing will happen more and more.

  • WOW ... exited to get one. Any idea how fare away we are from kickstarter campaign? Best regards. Martin.

  • Hopefully less than a week now. I was hoping to launch on Monday but I got back from holiday to over 500 emails and a bunch of work, so I've had to delay it a bit.

    I'm trying to get the bulk of the video sorted today - then maybe launch on Monday

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Bangle Js v2

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