Bangle.js with a microphone (?)

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  • I would pay ~1.7x the current price for a version with a microphone, even if you dropped the GPS or accel. to make room for it.
    Is there any (relatively simple) way to hack a microphone in there? I'm not looking for ultra-high quality sound/bitrates. Recognizing some voice commands and recording audio notes (for those with short memories) are the use cases.
    I did not find anything in my cursory Google search that implied a microphone / piezo could be rigged up with an ADC and implemented.

  • Yes, it's something I really wanted to add out of the box as well, although it does present some challenges for waterproofing. Unfortunately I can't get it designed in to the actual watch as I'm just not shifting the volumes of devices that I can get something custom made (most manufacturers want 10x what I'm selling before they'll consider something custom).

    However, on the Bangle you could add something without too much pain if you were willing to sacrifice the heart rate monitor.

    You can see onĀ­ical#heart-rate-monitor-pcb that on the left-hand side there's HRM power, GND, and the analog output of the HRM. If you unsoldered those two resistors (next to the 'R4' text) then you could solder on a powered MEMS microphone.

    It'd be fiddly for sure, but it's definitely doable. The microcontroller already has an ADC internally on that pin, so you could read in ~8kHz audio data - although realistically you probably want the lowest sample rate you can because of the small amount of RAM available

  • Is it possible for us to also add more RAM to it?

  • Not really, no. The new Bangle.js 2 that's launching does have a lot more RAM though (256k vs 64k) so that would be the easiest change.

    Having said that, the new Bangle doesn't have screws to allow it to be opened, so doing a hardware mod like adding a microphone isn't really an option.

  • If adding a microphone to bangle js 2 would the hard part be adding it or getting inside the watch?

  • Both I'm afraid - there are no obvious places to wire one on, and the screen is glued on, so you need to use a hot air gun and a lot of care to remove it.

    If someone were super motivated they could maybe create a flex PCB that plugged in instead of the heart rate monitor, but it's a lot of work!

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Bangle.js with a microphone (?)

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