Better Pedometer - HELP NEEDED!

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  • Hi! I'm looking into improving the accuracy of Bangle.js's pedometer by adding this project

    However to calibrate it, I need data!

    If you're willing to help, please could you install this app:

    Then run it (Accel Log), choose Start, and then walk exactly 150 paces in a variety of ways - along a road, bumpy path, up/down stairs, fast, slow, pausing, and so on - then press BTN2 to stop recording when you're done.

    You can then:

    • Go to the Bangle.js App Loader
    • Connect to your Bangle
    • Under My Apps look for Acceleration Logger
    • You'll see a download arrow next to it - click that
    • You can now choose to Save the data you've recorded, and then please upload it here!

    Hopefully when I get a few examples of different walking styles I can feed it into their tools and it'll calibrate itself!

  • Do you want separate recordings for each walking style, 150 paces of each. Or one recording of mixed styles across 150 paces?

  • I think probably a few recordings of normal-ish activities - so eg if you're walking then going up stairs and then walking fast that'd good to have in one recording.

  • here you go :-) walking down/up stairs, walking fast and slow

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  • Great - thanks!

  • App loaded will give it a spin a few times tonight.
    Is this the oxford pedometer algorithm ?

    log 0 is walking round the house, upstairs and downstairs.
    log 1 is walking up hill fast and slow
    log 2 is walking on flat, downhil, stop for a moment and restart

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  • Thanks for this! Yes, it's the oxford pedometer algorithm that had been mentioned previously. However even if that doesn't work out, having a bunch of data should really help to come up with a reliable algorithm.

  • HOpe it helps!

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  • Thanks! I'll try and get on it this week

  • thank you all! you can follow the development at­ues/1846

  • Thanks for sharing, interesting reading. Looking forward to a more accurate step counter.

  • Hi. Here are 150 steps. I will upload more data hiking next week. Thanks!

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  • Thanks! I think we've got a decent amount of data now. There is now a Branch of Bangle.js with some calibrated data in:­e/step_counting

    But we just have to do some work to stop it automatically lowering the step threshold too much and just randomly counting steps when you're stationary :)

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Better Pedometer - HELP NEEDED!

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