• I noticed I can apply 5v to power the MDBT42 w/breakout board, but all of the pins are only 3.3v tolerant. I believe the answer is "no issue" but is there any issue if I use a 5v power supply to power the breakout board and a couple 9g servos. Then use pins D14-D18 as the signal pins for the servos.

    Sorry for the dumb question. Normally I just use the wifi board where it's all 5v tolerant so I never gave it a thought before. But now I'm second guessing myself with this board. I just want to make sure that having the pins connected to servos that are being powered by 5V wont cause an issue for the board before I go powering things up.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Ken,

    No, there's no problem at all - I connect 9g servos to them all the time :)

    The servos are basically just an input (with a pull-down resistor I believe) so there's no problem connecting them to a 3.3v output.

  • Thanks Gordon!

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Question about the MDBT42 w/breakout board and powering servos

Posted by Avatar for Ken @Ken