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  • Is it possible to use Espruino for receiving and sending MIDI data through either DIN MIDI or USB? A project that I have in mind is to create a 16-step MIDI sequencer that would have one potentiometer per step. The code would then run through the sequence according to a tempo that preferably would be sent as MIDI clock to the MIDI in port of the device and then read the current value of each step in sequence and send the closest MIDI note value through the MIDI out port for each step.

    You could say that it would be a much simpler (at least visually) version of this: http://www.doepfer.de/Dark_Time_e.htm

    Is this a project that would be possible with Espruino? Any additional thoughts on how to approach this?

  • Sun 2021.01.10

    Happy New Year @user118601 and welcome someone with new ideas here. I had actually started on an interface to MIDI instruments several months ago using the MDBT42Q breakout to have Bluetooth connectivity, as opposed to WiFi, but have considered both. Planned on a few mini tutorials to supplement. Had to put the project on hold while faced with a few of life's challenges right now.

    Had just bridged the gap of using optoisolators for the current loop connectivity between devices, and left off at the point of starting to flesh out the controller code. Looking at schematics, connectivity could be accomplished without optoisolation, but I strongly recommend staying with using optos in the circuit, less risking destroying the $1000 synth I was connecting to.

    As @MaBe has provided a link to a summary of forum entries, I'd start there. I may be able to provide a bit of ongoing insight, but very limited time available, and no plans to be able to get back at this project in the next four months. I'll keep my eyes open for your posts in the mean time.

    From a link in the search results, the link there:


    looks like a good place to start.

  • There is currently a MIDI module for receiving MIDI notes over Serial, which might help you? https://www.espruino.com/Midi - you'll have to manually wire up a MIDI socket (and level converter?) though.

    Sending over Serial isn't implemented but should be pretty easy - it's just a few bytes.

    There is also MIDI over Bluetooth LE which might work for you pretty well: https://www.espruino.com/BLE+MIDI

    No extra wiring needed - just use a Bluetooth LE Espruino board and you're sorted

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