SMA Q3 Smartwatch

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  • Just a note that I published some technical details of the SMA Q3 smartwatch here:¬≠ble-nrf52840-smart-watch

    • nRF52840 (BLE 5, 64MHz, 256kB RAM, 1MB Flash)
    • LPM013M126 sunlight-readable 176x176 8 color LCD, with full touch
    • One button, IP68 waterproof
    • 4MB SPI Flash
    • GPS
    • Accelerometer, Compass, Pressure/Temperature sensor
    • Heart rate sensor

    It's quite an impressive watch, and there is a partially working Espruino build for it as well. It can be a bit tricky to get hold of though, so let me know if there's interest in a group buy.

  • let me know if you're having a group buy! and would it be possible to send the watch along any items we purchase in the espruino shop (with the christmas deal and all)

  • :) Yes, definitely! I'll post up here if I do it, and likely it'd just be through the shop anyway

  • very nice :)

  • Good idea! Has the long range mode been implemented?

  • Has the long range mode been implemented?

    Not yet, but I don't believe it's too hard. Any BLE features that can be negotiated should magically get used already since the softdevice supports it, but long range advertisements/etc will need some tweaks to enable on the nRF52840. I imagine those won't be too far off though

  • This is good news! In this case, I join the group.

  • Cool - many thanks for working on the nRF52840 chip.

    Are updates via DFU possible?

  • Are updates via DFU possible?

    Well, yes, of course. But there are SWD pins on the back :-) And also full 4 pins on usb cable so SWDIO,SWCLK can be taken from middle usb pins. (no, usb does not work)

  • Just few random comments:

    This post was made in "Other Boards / Porting to new Devices" not "Official Espruino Devices" for reasons.

    It is hard to get - over few months seen 2 sellers on aliexpress (with little or no orders), SMA manufacturer still does not fully list it on their site (you can see it from phone in mobile version) and does not sell it in their own aliexpress store. One can only get 'samples' in alibaba store. Official firmware in watch is not ready - buggy, missing features and it is like this already for few months. This may mean this 'product' may even fail and go away without full release (hopefully not)

    For developer who is now e.g. hacking P8 or DK08 watch it is however great option even now. BTW here are some photos of display compared to DK08 in various light conditions Display has slightly better white, however in dark with backlight the black is too bright. Also it has only 8 colors.

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SMA Q3 Smartwatch

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