Cannot connect to Bangle Device on Macbook Pro

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  • Hi,

    I have just received my Bangle js and cannot connect (on using instructions provided here: So, I went through the troubleshooting and still could not connect. Each time I get a 'device connection failed. Undefined' error being returned on the apps page.

    So I then tried to upload a new firmware from here:­are-updates. I chose the stable 2v08 zip release and it still does not work.

    I am unclear whether I first have to connect to the Bangle device within Bluetooth settings on my Macbook Pro or not. I confirm that my Macbook Pro does support BLE 4.

    Please can someone help me to troubleshoot this further.


  • Hi,

    Gordon just posted a video how to flash with a nRF Toolbox­154/

    nRF Toolbox is available for Adroid and iPhones.

  • I use a MacBook Pro with Catalina and the WebIDE to flash an connect to Espruino BLE devices without problems.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your comments. I have already tried to flash the Bangle with the nRG Toolbox. It flashed successfully but unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.

    Can I ask, do you have the Bangle connected via bluetooth on your MacBook Pro before connecting to it using the WebIDE?


  • bluetooth on your MacBook Pro before connecting to it using the WebIDE?

    No need for this, use only the WebIDE for connecting.

  • OK thanks. I still cannot get it to connect with only the WebIDE. I have attached a couple of screenshots showing my WebIDE and the errors / settings.

    I am selecting Web Bluetooth and the Status is as shown when I click the status button. Can you please check if this matches your settings? Can you also confirm if Bluetooth is set to On or Off on your MacBook Pro.

    Thanks again - I hope I can get this fixed soon. I think I am probably making a simple error.

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  • Hi,
    I have resolved this issue. I was using the WebIDE chrome plugin from Brave Browser which uses Chromium, but it seems does not work properly in this case. I can proceed using Chrome browser.

    Might be worth noting by the Espruino team though.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Same with Vivaldi on Windows. It's Chromium based too, but web bluetooth doesn't work. Seb serial works tho. Reported to the developers, but still nothing. Btw Vivaldi on android can do web bluetooth.

  • Hi, Glad you got it sorted - and thanks for letting me know!

    I just found a way of detecting that we're running under Brave or Vivaldi, so I'll ensure the IDE can at least report that back.

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Cannot connect to Bangle Device on Macbook Pro

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