• Hi all,

    I have experienced the bug while calling Puck.getBatteryPercentage() and NRF.getBattery() in firmware v2.07, the values were 0 and -3.6, respectively. It is OK while I downgrade to v2.06. These wrong values existed only if I send my code (for my own server and service) to RAM (using Web IDE). I've tested two Puck.js devices I have. Just report the issue for the reference. Thank you all my lovely Espruino team.

    Best regards

  • I just booted up a fresh 2v07 Puck.js and uploaded:

    print(E.getBattery(), NRF.getBattery(), Puck.getBatteryPercentage());

    via the Web IDE, to RAM, and I get:

    100 2.84765625 100
    // or if I turn LED1 on first to stress the battery
    79 2.68242187500 79

    So at least in a basic way it seems to be working. However it seems if I do analogRead(D2) first then I can break it even until a hard reboot...

    I'll get a fix in for this now - I'm planning a 2v08 release this week so hopefully it'll be in that

  • Ok, cutting edge builds should now have a fix for this in, and it'll be in 2v08

  • Hi Gordon,

    Always nice to hear from you. :)
    I've downloaded 2v07.33 and upgraded to my Puck. The bug has been eliminated.
    Thank you for your fix quickly.

    Best regards

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Bug while calling Puck.getBatteryPercentage() in firmware v2.07 (Puck.js v2)

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