look's like latest firmware build is resetting date

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  • Just noticed that from time to time date is set to 01.01.1970

  • I have seen this before too but assumed it was the "default" date as it would go away after auto-GPS clock found a satellite

  • Yes, that's normal I believe?

    The on-chip RTC is only 24 bit and can't hold the whole date, so after a reset we just have to default to 1970 unless the GPS has the data in it. It's always been like that

  • Yes, that's normal I believe?

    Well, I know the behavior. I am not talking about 1.1.1970 after flashing.

    It just happen sporadic, Bangle was laying on the table.

  • Updated BangleRun yesterday, a time reset did't happen since than.

  • That's odd - could be BangleRun I guess? That kind of time reset would probably only happen if the Bangle locked up and rebooted itself, which shouldn't really happen.

    If you find a way to reproduce, please let me know and I'll try and look into it

  • after it happens you can read the reset reason if it was watchdog reboot=lockup or something else


    just beware that the register is cumulative and is not easy to clear from js - poke32 to RESETREAS probably reboots with softdevice enabled

    but anyway in ideal situation you should never have watchdog reboot bit enabled so if it is 1 now something is/was wrong (?)

    EDIT: while poke32(0x40000000+0x400,0xffffffff) will probably reboot it may still get the write done and clear the flags

  • Just to add that if you actually catch the Bangle rebooting, the bootloader will read that flag and tell you what the reset reason is for ~1 sec before it resumes booting.

  • As it just happens when wearing it, I figured out it is the situation when BTN1 and BTN3 are pressed at the same time, which can easily happen when wearing Bangle on the right arm, as lefties do.

  • when wearing Bangle on the right arm, as lefties do

    interesting, I am leftie too but still wear watch on left hand, but anyway maybe you can wear it upside down with rotated display then? well if you don't care that south is up, or maybe the display is not perfectly centered so some stuff would looks strange?

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look's like latest firmware build is resetting date

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