Elevation change measurement with Pressure Sensor?

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  • I have idea of a project: I would like to measure elevation change in air... with good precision <=.5m.

    Espruino supports MS5803 which seems ok sensor compared but I understand it has only.2 mbar so ~1.5m air max precision. Is that right? Bosh's sensors BMP3xx seem to be doing better.... .5m (the newest 2020 chip is even more precise but I see no breakouts available). Should I hack C for this and add Js API code for BMP3xx?

    The another problem is need to proof the puck for wet env (not underwater but strong splash). Silicon on top is great but how to seal the whole? I could ziplock (plastic bag it) but that is a bit lame. Any ideas?

    Which form factor? Does the orange breakout off ebay like this https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_MS5­803-14BA_Breakout_Arduino_Library fit?

    What precision could I expect? could I do 5-10Hz? Are there any problems with float calcs? https://lukemiller.org/index.php/2014/04­/arduino-code-for-ms5803-pressure-sensor­s/

  • These sensors are so small that they could fit into the puck... no need for poke a hole, and the soft silicon will pass on the pressure...

  • Floating point should be no problem, unless there is some really crazy math. Even if you must use some crazy math, you can use Compilation that compiles your JS code to C and runs at C code speed.

    Haven't used, but the DPS310 has an impressive promo video.

    Or (I guess you already have a Puck, so suggesting another buy is not really nice) you could by a Ruuvitag that's pretty weather-proof. Altho' the onboard BME 280's datasheet says it's relative accuracy is +-0.12hPa, that's about 1 meter, that's not as good as you would want.

    allObjects could be right, not sure how much error would be due to the silicone cover's resistance in such small pressure changes...

  • That linked-above DSP310 would require smaller breakout board to fit...

    Ar there any sensor benchmarking sites? All those folks eval chips individually...

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Elevation change measurement with Pressure Sensor?

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