• Hi,
    I am trying to use a local copy of your Espruino compiler hosted on github in an attempt to play with float32 FPU operations on a Bangle (inspired by a forum post by @fanoush here), but I am running into a few issues.
    It seems that the code in the repository has not been updated since January 2019 and does not know about board type BANGLEJS (easy enough to add).
    When attempting to point the web IDE to my (running) local copy at localhost:32766 I always get the error message "Error contacting server. Unable to compile code right now.". I can see on the localhost console that the compiler received and compiled the code, and it even outputs a binary blob (to the console) that, when cut and pasted appropriately into the IDE works perfectly, but it does not seem to communicate back the IDE.
    Am I missing something obvious? My JS and node.js knowledge is pretty limited, so it is entirely possible that I am doing something boneheaded here...

  • Thanks - I've just added the CORS headers to the main EspruinoCompiler repo.

    Also I'd got BANGLEJS in the hosted version - I just hadn't pushed the changes.

  • Well, with "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" any website page can successfully call your compiler and get the response so I was thinking there is a reason to not having it there so that only javasript running from espruino.com pages can call this service. But maybe it is not an issue?

  • I'm not too concerned right now - maybe I'll have to change it later I guess - who knows :)

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Using locally hosted copy of Espruino Compiler with Web IDE

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