Push notifications from phone to watch

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  • Hello everyone, I am just getting started with this. I am curious if someone more experienced with the is can tell me if this is possible.

    Simply speaking, I would like to push notifications that come to my phone iOS, to the watch. Additionally, I would want to whitelist the notifications or filter them from an app on my phone. I would of course r this app, however I am curious if the OS exposes a way to connect via Bluetooth etc?


  • It is! There's an app for Bangle.js by @jeffmer called "Apple Notification Widget": https://banglejs.com/apps/#apple%20notif­ication

    Install that and you should be able to get notifications from your iDevice. The notification service is built into the phone so I'm not sure you get to choose which notifications appear like you would with Gadgetbridge on Android (unless there's something in iOS?), but nothing stops you from modifying the Bangle.js app to filter out certain kinds of notifications if you want

  • Hi, iOS let’s you control which apps generate notifications in its Settings app. If you want notifications to appear in your phone but do not want the watch to see them, there is a Bangle settings option for the ANCS widget which lets you select the class of notifications you want to receive.

  • Hi @jeffmer,

    I tried the ANCS widget with multi clock app, with BangleJS cutting edge build espruino_2v06.129_banglejs. BangleJs is installed with default app + multiclock app+ ANCS wedget

    Some how I did not get it working as expected. Here are my observations.
    The very first observation is that my iPhone 6/ iOS 12.4.8 is not getting bonded. When i enable the widget and run the multi clock app,I can see the phone icon (in white) as mentioned in the description. But when I pair it with my phone, it does not ask for any code (123456) and directly listed as connected in phone's device list, BUT no pink/green phone icon. It stay connected as I see the blue icon on top right corner and disconnect when i move from the Bluetooth screen. I can get it connected again when i restart the clock app(same when I reload the widget or restart the watch)

    When I click BTN2, BangleJs goes in to the blackout mode (no button is working and screen is completely black) until I switch the phone's bluetooth off.

    As there is no pink/green icon that means I am not getting any notofications.

    2- Battery is draining too fast.

    As it is mentioned in the app description, "0.04: Works on both standard and modified firmware", it is clearly not, and I can get it working only with your firmware [https://github.com/jeffmer/JeffsBangleAp­psDev/tree/master/apps/widancs].

    2- Battery is draining too fast.

    Any clue what is happening?


  • If you have loaded the app from your iPhone, you have to make sure you disconnect. In addition, it is best to:

    1) Turn off the Bluetooth on the iPhone.

    2) Enable the widget on the Bangle and restart the Bangle by turning it off in settings and then on again by pressing BTN1.

    3) When you reenable Bluetooth on the iPhone, you should then see the Pairing request.

    I have not tested it with the cutting edge build yet.

    As I point out in the documentation, reconnection is not as reliable with the standard software.

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Push notifications from phone to watch

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