Battery drain with 2v06

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  • This might be best, as I'm always surprised when the watch is at 0 then when I put on the charger it jumps to 26% :P

  • No surprise here, since just the voltage is measured... you would have to remove the charging power and measure again... a 'realistic' measurement is much more complicated (current that flows over time - coulombmeter for high precision metering).

  • @Tx I'm going to take your post seriously and try to do a strict comparison between firmware versions.

  • Which firmware did you get better results on, use to compare?

  • Uh, I tested it with several versions. It started with the versions that include the new font as far as I remember. I suggest to compare the latest version before the new font and the the latest edge version.
    The problem must be in interval oder date, which seem to be much more expensive than before. Even calling evey second the watch lasted one week. With the latest versions it lasts less than the half. Even when disabling this the runtime dropped.
    Thank you for taking this serious!

  • I observed the charging cycle and measured the values at the charge controller and battery protection / safety device 65b924 (see post #5 (and #6) of conversation about Hardware?Schematics files for Bangle.

    When charging status pin - neg_charging - is low, charging indicator (plug next to battery in standard battery indicator widget) shows and battery is charged. Charging status pin goes low when USB voltage is applied / charging cable is connected to J6 and J7 on the back of the watch.

    When charging status pin - neg_charging - is high, charging indicator (plug next to battery in standard battery indicator widget) hides and battery is NOT charged. Charging status pin goes high when USB voltage / charging cable is removed from J6 and J7 on the back of the watch - OR - when battery voltage reaches - 4.19 (-0.01/+0.01) V (in my BangleJS Hardware Exploration Workbench setup. About that in a future, separate post).

    How this relates to E.getBattery(), I did not explore that (yet).

  • Adding to what we know.
    I have seen on my own bangle the % of battery go from 1-3 and then move around that level for the rest of the day. I think it is clear the battery % is not very accurate

  • @Tx my tests are in operation, I'm testing v6.49 (cutting edge), v6 and v5. I hope these are ones you think are worth testing. I didnt get round to comparing vector fonts to notice if it fits your description, but will try to.

    I attempted tests of 10 min duration, then 1 hour duration, but the timespans dont seem large enough to give significant data. Now im trying 3 hour tests with 1 ms interval.

  • @d3nd3-o0 Thank you I appreciate your work!

  • So my tests with voltage didn't work out cos its voltage go figure. However i traded my kidney to connect my multimeter in series to the battery to record current, getting some information that might interest you. I will make a new post about my findings, in a new thread.

  • Ok, it looks like recent 'cutting edge' builds have most likely fixed these issues now:­351521/?offset=25

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Battery drain with 2v06

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