• Hi all,

    Playing with a new Bangle.js (brand new) - I installed various apps like Jingle Bells, Manic Monday Tone, Morse Code.... I do not hear anything from the watch (it's silent).

    In Settings -> Beep, I have it set to 'Piezo'....

    Perhaps a component is broken? Or am I missing something?

    I can't get it to make a sound. Only when I change the 'Beep' setting does it make a very faint beep noise. But no sounds at all in the apps where I would expect it...

    If anyone can help point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. Thank you :)

  • I also tried (in the IDE):


    It didn't make any sound.

  • Ah, i'm now thinking maybe it doesn't have that component?


    Note: The majority of Bangle.js devices do not contain a piezo speaker, but instead use the vibration motor for sound

  • Ah, i'm now thinking maybe it doesn't have that component?

    Most likely this will be the case. The company that manufactured these didn't do a very good job with QA or didn't even care.

    That's why there is an option in the settings (beep->vibrate) to use the vibration motor for audio, though it is not as loud. On the other hand, the piezo probably wouldn't have been significantly louder.

  • Actually, I got it working now.

    The solution:


    Now this works (makes a small beep):


    And now jingle bells app is working!

    Looks like it just needed a reset....

    Interestingly my current setting is set to 'Vibrate' under beep... not sure if that's relevant.

  • Hi - yes, so as you guessed and @Raik pointed out, most likely your Bangle.js doesn't have a piezo in.

    The default setting (in any firmware from the last few months) is to make noise using the vibration motor (Vibrate in settings) - but if you change it to Piezo and there is no piezo then you won't get sound.

    I know it's not a huge consolation, but if you do have a watch with a Piezo and you flip between the two settings, there's really not a great deal of difference in volume - the sound just isn't desperately loud on these.

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Speaker (piezo) not working (no audio/sound) on Bangle.js

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