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  • I've noticed this error pop up in 2v06 (I think as a side effect of pretokenise being enabled by default on 2v06). I seem to remember seeing a thread with an example of it recently, but I can't find it now.

    If you encounter this, please can you post up the code that caused the error? Ideally stripped down to a minimum. It might help to track it down.


  • Thanks! Looks like my google skills failed me then :)

    I'd got it happening myself when trying to do the new "Espruino Control" app, so it might be related to the bluetooth code more than a language issue

  • Ok, great! Narrowed it down to:

    //E.setFlags({pretokenise:0}) // this fixes it
    function go() {
      Promise.resolve().then(function() {
      }).catch(function(e) {

    So it's to do with catch being converted to a token even though in this case it's just a function name. Just filed an issue:­ues/1868

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Function "" not found

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