BangleRun and GPS

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  • I wonder if BangleRun can activate the GPS? If I just start the app it doesn't seem to do it.

    The only way I have found to do it is to turn on GPS recorder and then to ensure the GPS is working using GPS info. Then I can get the GPS info into the app.


  • Hi, thanks! I just looked into this and it's actually the GPS recorder widget that was turning GPS off after it had been turned on by the app.

    I've just fixed it so if you go to (the developer app loader) and update the GPS recorder app I'm pretty sure it should be fixed :)

  • Thanks for the fix.

  • What about using GPS recorder and BangleRun simultaneously?
    Can 2 apps/widgets access to GPS positions?

    Yesterday I was tracking with GPS recorder in the background, and i had BangleRun on foreground (and fw 2v07.19).
    BangleRun detected steps, and was showing time and HRM BUT not distance from GPS whereas the GPS recorder tracked all the path.

    Also I realize that after leaving bangleRun (with button3) all info from last session gets lost. Is the expected behaviour?

  • Can 2 apps/widgets access to GPS positions?

    Yes, they should be able to interact just fine, so I'm surprised there's an issue there.

    after leaving bangleRun (with button3) all info from last session gets lost. Is the expected behaviour?

    I think so. Apps/widgets can subscribe to a kill event and can use it to save any stored data but it doesn't look like banglerun does this (yet)

  • I see that creates files per session,
    banglerun_201001_123302 (StorageFile).txt

    When GPS is not working (shows NaN) the created file seems to have content just headers (timestamp,latitude,longitude,altitude,d­uration,distance,heartrate,steps)

    However, when GPS is working it generates a file, corrupt or too big to be downloaded from webIDE, and it happens even if you don't exit the app with BTN3.

    Trying to download will produce something like:

    *Timed out receiving file

    < <<
    Disconnected from Web Bluetooth, Bangle.js*

  • That's not actually a corrupted file, it just means the file is too big for the IDE to download. There's an issue open for that in the IDE, so I'll try and get that sorted soon.

    Normally you'd be able to download the data from an 'interface' file in the BangleApps loader, but it looks like that hasn't been done yet.

    Either way though, it's logging your position and information every second, which seems like massive overkill.

  • thanks @Gordon
    I will try to find and reduce the frequency writing.
    In any event, should be a widget with its widget options, as GPS recorder.

  • But BangleRun only actually records and does things when it is running, when it's actually fullscreen?

    Or you want it to put a widget up top anyway to show it is recording?

    Honestly, until there's actually a tool to read and decode the data from BangleRun (which would be pretty much a copy&paste of­lob/master/apps/gpsrec/interface.html) I think you could remove all the logging capability.

    Literally all it's doing is filling up people's watch memory for no good reason, since they can't read (or even delete!) the the files without going into the Web IDE

  • Yes, BangleRun only works on fullscreen, it records only when it is open (there is no option to leave than BTN3 during seconds)
    But also if you leave the app and next time you open you will not see the time of your previous session and i thin the expected behaviour is to see last session.

    I think it should work on background and show a widget on the top when it is recording.

    About writing to file i have managed to reduce the number of writings to once in every x times (i am using with var x=15)

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BangleRun and GPS

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