• I noticed that during running or other activity my Bangle's screen turned on very often, drawing a lot of energy from the battery.
    I was too lazy to calibrate the movement settings so I decided to first turn all three possible settings off: Wakeup on Faceup, Touch, Twist.
    But still the LCD turns on by itself without me touching any buttons.
    Could this be a bug? I even tried to remove all apps and settings and reinstalled only the bare amount of apps I like to use, but still the same.
    Anyone else having this issue?

  • Have you ever updated your Bangle.js firmware? Not via the App Loader, but via the 'NRF Connect' app? The firmware the Bangle shipped with didn't support not turning on - it got added at a later date

  • Yes, I think I did update the firmware just recently. My current version is 2V5.1.

  • That one may not be new enough to have the change in. Please could you try updating to 2v06?

    I have the option off here and it works great.

  • Hi Gordon,
    now that might have just been what I needed to do, but then I ran into issues I believe I could nail down to the Bold Clock app – the screen stayed black after upgrading the firmware.
    So I removed all apps and reuploaded them and now it seems to work as expected. It indeed seems that Bold Clock was the reason why I previously did not update to the experimental firmware – it made me think there is a firmware issue when the screen stayed black.
    So thanks Gordon, it seems my issue is fixed with the new firmware.
    Let me say that I really like your attitude and politeness in your posts.

  • Glad you got it fixed, and thanks!

    Do you think there is still some bug in the Bold Clock that needs looking at?

  • I know I should report an issue for Bold Clock, but I did not find time to go into detail on that issue to be able to provide a full helpful report.
    But yes, it does not display anything with the 2v06 firmware.

  • The issue with Bold Clock appears to be due to a bug in Graphics.asImage - I filed a bug report here: https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/iss­ues/1863

    The simplest workaround appears to be to change these lines

    let tick0 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(30,8,1);
    tick0.fillRect(0,0,tick0.getWidth()-1, tick0.getHeight()-1);
    let tick5 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(20,6,1);
    tick5.fillRect(0,0,tick5.getWidth()-1, tick5.getHeight()-1);
    let tick1 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8,4,1);
    tick1.fillRect(0,0,tick1.getWidth()-1, tick1.getHeight()-1);


    let tick0 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(30,8,1,{msb:t­rue});
    tick0.fillRect(0,0,tick0.getWidth()-1, tick0.getHeight()-1);
    let tick5 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(20,6,1,{msb:t­rue});
    tick5.fillRect(0,0,tick5.getWidth()-1, tick5.getHeight()-1);
    let tick1 = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8,4,1,{msb:tr­ue});
    tick1.fillRect(0,0,tick1.getWidth()-1, tick1.getHeight()-1);
  • Thanks - I'll just update boldclk.

    Will see about fixing the main issue but as 2v06 is now out there we'll have to work around it for now

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[Solved] Bangle LCD turns on on movement although it has been turned off

Posted by Avatar for UweD @UweD