[Solved] Unpairing?

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  • Hi! I am brand new to programming devices. I paired the watch to my MacBookPro so I could put apps on it. Now I am trying to get it to connect to the IDE.

    The instructions say "If you paired Bangle.js in the Bluetooth settings of any of your devices, make sure to unpair it."

    But how? It's not in the list of paired devices.

  • Check your phone maybe or other Bluetooth devices around :) might work

  • I paired the watch to my MacBookPro

    Ahh. You just use the Mac's Bluetooth menu. Does this help? https://osxdaily.com/2019/03/01/remove-b­luetooth-device-from-mac/

    Ideally you shouldn't actually need to pair using the Mac OS bluetooth menu at all - it can all be done via the Web IDE

  • Thanks! I'm thinking unpairing isn't the issue. The watch doesn't show up in the list.

    At first, I was able to pair so I could put apps on the watch. Later I tried to use the IDE with the watch but when I tried to connect, my watch does not show up. We have two watches, and only the other one shows up, so I am assuming the computer is working correctly and it's a watch problem.

    I also can't add apps anymore. Same thing, the connection dialog just shows the other watch, not mine.

    I did not connect the watch to any other devices.

    I know how to write and debug javascript but I've never worked with devices before. Any hints would be great!

  • Turned it off and back on. Seems to be fine now. LOL

  • Glad you got it sorted :) It may be worth updating the firmware if you haven't already - early ones may have had some issues like that

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[Solved] Unpairing?

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