• Hello friends,
    I'm experiencing an odd issue with my watch that started today.
    I went to go up in the launch and the top button wasn't responding. I turned the watch off to take a look at the inside and see if the button was damaged. From what I can see the button doesn't appear to be broken, but now the watch is in an unusable state. Do any of you have recommendations for me to try?

  • So now the watch isn't turning on at all? You could try long-pressing BTN1+2 (for about 10 seconds) which should force a reboot to the bootloader and see if that helps?

  • Gordan, thanks for your response. I tried holding btn1+2 for ~15 seconds to be sure, I also then tried btn1+3 2+3 and 1+2+3 just to be sure. I'm concerned that the button might be busted.

  • Can you feel a 'click' when you press BTN1 at all? I guess you could try taking the watch out of the casing and pressing the metal button dome yourself?

    It is possible to put the whole watch 'puck' in upside-down I believe, in which case none of the buttons will work...

  • Yeah I does click and I double checked the Puck was inserted correctly. After deconstructing the watch a bit more I managed to get the button working again, however after a few minutes it stopped working again. I have a video from my microscope that might be helpful.

  • I guess it's possible that the black ribbon cable has lost contact with the watch PCB in places (it's just soldered on, and sits behind the LCD).

    I think at this point it might be better if you send it back and I swap it for a new one?

  • Yeah that seems like the best course of action.
    Its a bit of a shame because it seems like a nice watch.
    I'll look into contacting the store and seeing if they'll be able to replace it. Thanks for your help!

  • I'll look into contacting the store

    Where did you buy it from then? I kind of assumed it was bought via Espruino.com

  • correct, I bought it from:

  • @Delta Gordon runs espruino.com... Since he said he'll swap it out for a new one I'm pretty sure the store will be able to replace it. :D

  • Oh so sorry, I didn't want to assume. I also sent in a return order. Thank you for letting me know Johan. Also thank you Gordon!

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Btn1 not responding and watch not turning on with any of the buttons

Posted by Avatar for Delta @Delta