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  • Hey,
    it took me some time to figure out how to run Kotlin code transpiled into JavaScript on the Bangle.
    But, I got it working and i've rewritten the First Time Application in Kotlin.
    It is some unwritten rule that a Kotlin project has to replace one consonant with a K.

    One of my biggest issues is that I have to wrap every class/function from Espruino manually.
    I've seen that the emulator has some type hinting. Where can I find these type information?

  • Wow, that's interesting - thanks!

    Probably the easiest source of type info is to look at http://www.espruino.com/json/espruino.jsĀ­on - the IDE uses this for type info and inferencing.

    It's in Tern's type format so I guess it's possible you could find a converter that already exists?

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Kotlin support

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