• Gadgetbridge does not connect to the watch automatically. The icon on the phone is crossed out and the icon on the watch is grayed out.

    However, if I head over to https://banglejs.com/apps/ with the Chrome browser and connect to the watch, Gadgetbridge can connect and the connection stays.

    Any hints, how I can get the gadgetbridge reconnect without the chrome workaround?

    One side note:
    I connected Gadgetbridge with the watch "without pairing" as mentioned in some other posts (without really knowing what the difference is).

  • Connecting to GadgetBridge can be tricky.

    What you are experiencing with Chrome is not just a connection to GB itself, but to Bluetooth in general. The BT icon (if you installed the BT widget) and the GB widget only check to see if there is any BT connection establish with any other device. If yes, the icons turn blue/shows a connection.

    You cannot connect to GB on the Bangle, your phone connects to the Bangle and then runs code that the Bangle reacts upon.

    But back to your problem: what phone do you use? And are you working with the latest version 0.43.3 from F-Droid (link here)? Do NOT use the version from the android app store. That is not working and not supported by the developers any more.

  • Hello Raik,

    thanks for the clarification.
    You are right, the Gadgetbridge icon gets active (blue) immediately after connecting with Chrome regardless if Gadgetbridge is connected. However, Gadgetbridge does not connect over the whole day. But if I connect via Chrome, the Gadgetbridge connections also almost immediately active and I can receive notifications.

    I was using version 0.4.1 of Gadgetbridge. I didn' realized there was a new version in FDroid, as FDroid didn' updated the package sources automatically. Will try the new version an will report my observations.

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Gadgetbridge won't connect before connecting via Chrome browser

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