• My bangle resets to 01-01-1970 date and 00:00 hour after a turn it off or when running out battery.

    First time I use it, I think after a turn off, bangle does not reset date and hour to 1970....

    Any chance to keep last date and hour between turn off and turn on or reboot....

    More Info: Last firmware installed

    Any thoughts about it?

  • Hi - this has been covered on a few other posts.

    If you go outside with an app that uses GPS then the GPS will get a lock, and from then on Bangle.js will be able to get the time from GPS after booting/turning off.

    Then it'll only be when the battery goes completely flat that there is an issue as the GPS will lose time too.

  • Maybe it's a stupid idea but if was possible to reserve 5% of battery to keep date and time, could be great feature.
    95% to Operation - 5% to keep date and time

  • Thanks Gordon.

  • I would have done it if it was possible, but unfortunately it just doesn't seem to be.

    To be fair, the GPS does exactly that - storing the time (accurately) as long as there is some battery left. You just need to have let it get a fix first.

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Bangle no DATE and Hour after turn off - turn on

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