• So I often have to reinstall all apps and faces, because one or more apps, faces, and widgets appear to disable the menu at worst, or at best cross buttons 1 and 2. So I reinstall every app one....by...one.... in order to figure out which app seems to be causing this issue. Once the problematic app is uninstalled, the problem goes away. Anyone else have this issue? I know there is an experimental apps versus stable apps section, but it seems multiple apps are still unstable (although I am aware and validate this is still early in the Bangle's and subsequent apps' development).

    In case a list of problematic apps would be helpful:
    Watchfaces: Blob clock, Bar clock, one of the command-line type clocks (forget which one), Numerals Clock (button switching)

    Widgets: Simple heart rate widget, pedometer widget, digital clock widget

    Apps: bluetooth joystick, and one or two others I can't recall

    .....And now that I was confirming one or two apps, sometimes after uninstalling them the menu can be accessed.... and sometimes not. Perhaps this has NOTHING to do with the apps? Now I'm really confused. I think it should be noted a hard reset does nothing to fix this. Insight appreciated.

    Also, an idea here: In the instance that it actually IS buggy apps, would there be a way to upload common problems under each app's description in the installer so that people can be aware of potential issues when downloading?

  • To clarify: are we talking about the launcher or the settings menu?

    I noticed that sometimes the launcher does not start. But I think that all comes down to insufficient RAM to build the apps list (I'm using the Toucher launcher btw). So reducing the number of installed apps and running widgets helped me to get around this problem.

    As for the settings menu: are you on the latest version for the settings (v0.19)? There were some tweaks that reduced RAM usage as well.

    Numerals Clock (button switching)

    As for the numerals clock, since I'm the original author: I know there is still a bug in the settings (it switches back to the default BTN2 when accessing the menu settings). Didn't have time yet to fix it though. Is that what you mean?

    You way to debug this would be if you connect to the WebIDE and see if you get an low memory exception if this behaviour appears.

    EDIT: just fixed the settings issue in Numerals clock as per PR #375

  • If you can track the issue down to a specific app then if you could post an issue to https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i¬≠ssues with the title appname: what's wrong it'd help no end.

    I did recently push a change which basically minified all apps (to help with memory usage) but it's possible that it has caused some new issues in apps.

    If you can connect with the Web IDE (http://espruino.com/ide) then just try and start the clock (with a long-press of BTN3) you may well get some debug info that'd help no end in narrowing down what was wrong

  • Thanks for your replies, guys. After uninstalling several apps, that fixed the issue. Apparently it was simply an issue of RAM for the launcher itself. I'll keep tabs if anything happens again under normal conditions.

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Multiple watchfaces, widgets, and apps disabling menu or crossing buttons

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