• Hey all,

    I'm in the US, and my Bangle.js pre-order tracking hasn't updated since March 27th, when the Royal Post marked it as handed off to USPS, and USPS still says they haven't received it. The delay is more than understandable given what's going on right now, but I still wanted to reach out and ask: for those who have ordered Bangles to the US, how long was the delay before the package re-appeared? If your package is still missing, what was the date of the last tracking event? I'm hoping we can crowdsource some estimates of how shipping's doing right now, so that US orders know what kind of delay to expect.

  • Not US, but Germany.
    Package arrived before the status was updated.

  • Canada here. Mine shipped on March 27th, and there have been no tracking events whatsoever. The Royal Mail tracker still says "Sender preparing item".

  • It seems really flakey - some go through fast, others spend ages in one place before moving on.

  • Mon 2020.04.06

    Reminder that First Class U.S. mail (and most likely all International as well) travels in the belly of passenger jets and not cargo such as DHL and UPS. As there are more than 80% passenger cancellations, fewer mail transports, unless a deal has been made with the cargo carriers. Expect balky mail to be sent after First Class mail and when space available.

    International packages sit in Customs for inspection, usually Chicago ORD, and takes a minimum of three, typically five days and as long as ten.

    Pre Pandemic era, typically EU to USA takes twelve days, with both the Royal Mail and USPS web sites taking 24 to 48 hours to update. Again, pre Pandemic.

    Individual results may vary   and   Objects in mirror appear closer than expected

  • Thanks guys! It looks like @NebbishHacker and myself are in the same boat -- today marks 12 days since the last tracking event on my package as well. Here's hoping both of our packages crop up pretty soon!

  • Wed 2020.04.08

    Have you considered that as direct flights are in decline, that some airlines are using alternate carriers. As they were never set up to have Royal Mail handed off to them, and USPS wouldn't have been setup to receive other than Royal Mail, that there isn't any means to inform the already in place R.M. >> USPS software update process? No software, no update. Even when USPS receives the package, there isn't an easy way to determine origin, so no easy way to know how to track. Most likely will just show up on your doorstep.

    As a side note consideration, my orders from CN are being routed to U.S.S.R. first to send to N.A. which adds an additional four weeks. No clue which carriers R.M. might use, if at all.

  • Yep, that's a big part of what made me want to ask around in the first place. In the absence of any other tracking data, the next best thing is to try and gather information on how packages to the same region are faring.

  • Update for anyone else waiting for their watch: mine arrived yesterday! I got the delivery notification on my phone, but before that the package tracking didn't update for 22 days.

    The watch is working great so far! I'm just now starting to dig into developing on it, but so far I'm very impressed with the firmware and development model that's been built out by @Gordon and all the apps developed by the community. The hardware feels really sturdy too, especially considering the price point.

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  • Thanks! And glad you got it - finally! :)

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US backers/pre-orders: how long was the shipping delay?

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