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  • What would be the best way to implement a button which starts a defined app?
    I would like to have a button, for example BTN3, which starts a defined app.

    Or is this a bad idea?


  • Kind of like the Torch app starts by 4 clicks of BTN3?

  • Thanks for the reminder, I will take a look into it.

    Maybe it would make sense to add a setting to define buttons for starting apps?
    We could have up to 5 shortcuts to start apps without going through a launcher.

  • The problem is right now button usage is up to the clock app (eg BTN2 depends on the app), and Bangle.js doesn't actually know when loading if the app being run is a clock or not.

    For instance you wouldn't want to add shortcut buttons if you were in the launcher or settings app.

    Right now the easiest option for this would be to make a clock app with shortcuts built into it.

  • While the Torch app solution was handy, it got really annoying to have it fire up when scrolling in menus.

  • That is the reason I uninstalled it :)

  • Yes, a simple widget listening to the buttons all the time is not a good idea.
    There could be a kind of module which can (and should!) be used by all clock apps then. This module then could come with a settings app to define shortcut buttons (or disable them).

    Okay, I may add to my favorite clock app until then.

  • Finding out which app is currently running would require a change to the Bangle.js firmware. It might make sense though?

    Or the quick solution is to ensure that all clock apps define CLOCK=true at the top?

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Button to start app

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