Can you define widget order?

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  • Can you define widget order?
    Or just if left or right?


  • Hi, you can't at the moment (short of choosing the order in which you upload the widgets).

    I'd considered putting a sortorder in, as is done for apps, but realistically what I imagine you're after is to make them user-configurable (rather than for the designer to be able to say 'this should always go on the left').

    It'd be pretty easy to make a Widget order app that fixed this though. You just have to make a widgetorder.boot.js that overrides Bangle.loadWidgets to call the original, then modify the WIDGETS object to put everything in the right order (and maybe even swap the locations around).

  • Thanks.
    Good starting point.
    When I finish some of my ongoing Bangle projects I will start on that, unless someone beats me to it.

  • This is my workaround for ordering widgets:

    As most of widgets use ‘tr’ for their position, the order is the sequenze they are uploaded. Starting from top right screen corner and add each new upload left to it.

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Can you define widget order?

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