[SOLVED] caching issue with forked app loader

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  • Hi there,
    so I forked my own app loader to create new apps. What I'm having difficulty with is refreshing the app loader in Chrome after pushing changes into the repository.

    Chrome often still shows old versions of apps (e.g. version numbers and changelog text) and only after a clearing all data on Chrome and restarting Chrome itself do I see the changes. This is kind of annoying. Is there any other way to tell the app loader to reload all files from scratch or is this indeed a Chrome caching issue?

    Anyone else experiences this?

    EDIT: So right know I can't even trigger an update of the app loader in Chrome. Deleted all caches and cookies and what not, but still I don't see the updated Changelog and if I re-upload the app it is still the old version, not the updated one.

  • You're hosting with GitHub? It can take a while for changes to take effect...

    One thing I find helps is:

    • Open Chrome Developer Tools
    • Now right-click on the normal page refresh icon and click Empty Cache and Hard Reload

    For my main work I tend to host it locally, and I've got Apache set up to send everything with no-cache headers.

  • Ok, this seems to be a GitHub issue then. I disable GH pages and re-renabled them. Now the page 404s out.
    I'll try self-hosting then.

  • @Gordon How long is a while? I'm seeing this on the official App loader right now... I've done the Empty Cache and Hard Reload thing in Brave (and even opened the page on a completely fresh install of Chromium), but I can't see any of the updates done since yesterday (as an example, "Settings" is still on v0.09 even though it's a full day since v0.10 was commited).

    Or am I misunderstanding how the App loader works contra the commits on GitHub?

  • The apps.json is only updated by @Gordon manually.
    So version numbers and new apps can only appear after that.
    The js files of the version are updated with the pull request though.

  • The official loader at https://banglejs.com/apps is hosted by Gordon himself I think. Not sure what his update intervals are on there.

    But there is also the GitHub hosted version of the Repo at https://espruino.github.io/BangleApps/

    This currently shows settings in version 0.10.

    BTW: I installed myself an Apache using the XAMPP for Windows package and self host locally because of the GitHub refresh issues. Works well. Doesn't even need https.

  • Yes, the updates on the main site have to be kicked off by me at the moment. If there are biggish changes I want to make sure I test first I'll tend to delay any updates until I had a chance to check.

    Does it make sense maybe to have a link in About to the GitHub-hosted version?

    I've literally just done an update so you should see new stuff in there now.

  • Does it make sense maybe to have a link in About to the GitHub-hosted version?

    Would not hurt.

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[SOLVED] caching issue with forked app loader

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