charging cable from Pebble reusable?

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  • Hi,

    my Bangle arrived today and the charging cable looks very close to the ones I used with my Pebble.
    But before blindly connecting I figured I'd ask the question;
    Is it OK try try a Pebble cable and is there a diode or anything else in the watch dealing with the possibility of connecting the cable the wrong way around?


  • Hi - yes, there is reverse protection - in fact the default charger can be connected the wrong way around and it's fine (it just doesn't charge!).

  • Regarding charging: if you have battery widget and bluetooth status display, as soon as charging stops while a watch is displayed you see one and a half bluetooth signs...

  • @Gordon thanks, appreciated.

    On the pebble cable, it only looked similar, physically it's different enough to not adhere.
    Ah well it was worth a try.

  • Well, I have a charging stand for my pebble that I can't use anymore because the battery is dead :-/
    I was already able to remove the charging part from the stand, and the BangleJS should fit just fine - just need to add the cabling ;-)
    Did someone figure out already how the charging cable of the BangleJS is connected?

  • Did someone figure out already how the charging cable of the BangleJS is connected?

    Pretty sure it's straight through - one pin is GND, one pin is 5v

    I bought a bunch extra so I'll be listing spares on the shop soon if they are needed for anything

  • I woke up to having my cable having shorted against the back of the watch while charging - it is now unusable and I was hoping you would have extra cables for it available...

    However, shipping is twice the cost of a single cable :-/

  • Sorry to hear that - that's amazingly unlucky - the back of the watch itself isn't magnetic so the charge cable shouldn't stick to it.

    Normally postage would be cheaper, but I had to remove untracked international post for the moment. What was happening was customers would order a bunch of stuff with the cheapest possible untracked post and then it wouldn't arrive for a month - and then they complain and I have to send out a second set of everything and end up losing a bunch of money.

    In the end, I had no choice but to only offer tracked post through the shop while international post is so unpredictable.

    I've just sent you a message about getting you cheaper postage - if this happens to anyone else while untracked post isn't available please let me know

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charging cable from Pebble reusable?

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