• Hi,

    Just observed that Bangle.isCharging() is always returning true, no matter if the charging cable is plugged or unplugged.


    Bangle.on('charging',function(charging) {

    is firing correctly.

    E.getBattery() is also returning '0' .

    Any one else having the same issue?

  • Both works for me (beta watch, the final one is somewhere at the postal service).
    E.getBattery() returns a reasonable value, and that increases a bit immediately when connected to charger.

    Edit: tested my beta with 2v04.406, works with that as well.

  • it is solved. Actually it was my bad action. I opened few browser tabs opened and one of them was pointing to emulator. where both function were emulating.

    When I checked against with actual device, i got the expected response.


  • lol :)
    Better than another hardware issue

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SOLVED - Bangle.isCharging() is always returning true

Posted by Avatar for Abhigkar @Abhigkar