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  • Hey there ESP32 users!

    I would be very happy if you support the ESP32 build by testing and reporting functions that are not working as they should or missing because not implemented yet.

    At the moment esp-idf 3.1.3 is used, but there are plans to switch to 4.x

    Please join this post and name the function tests and results.

    After there is a good understanding of the scope, we can try to work together on using esp-idf 4.x

    So jump on and support the ESP32 build.

    @Gordon can you please pin this - Thanks.

    Edit: Created issue Improve EP32 implementation #1777

  • Hello, very interesting to keep updated the version to ESP32. And it would be great to migrate to ESP-IDF 4 to take advantage of its advances.

    I am personally working with the ESP32 version and Espruino v2.0.130 for a year, for educational purposes.

    Basically I try to use and test all the functions of Espruino focused on ESP32 hardware. I consider ESP32 + Espruino a more advanced platform than Arduino UNO. And with a more user-friendly adaptation it has a great future.

    Everything that I can help and try you can count on me.

    The rest of the information I share on the Github.

    Richard Gomez

  • Everything that I can help and try you can count on me


  • HTTPS, TLS& SSL not working at 2.05, 2.04... I describe it separate topic for ESP32.
    Often fs has bug return true on read or write operation but real result is false, if you call when other process like POST in operate so that need you in any way but according description JS support only sync mode and usually is ok for async mode.

  • Often fs has bug return true on read or write operation but real result is false

    check the latest 2v05 build, it has a fix for this issue.

  • Additionally some troubles with events:

    1. wifi.on('sta_left' )- reacted on events when client leave AP point in mode STA+AP
    2. mqtt.on('disconnected') - after 7-8 hours of work loose events.
  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing problems on the ESP32 when Storage.compact() is called, either explicitly or as a result of calling a write method.

    In the last hour I compiled Espruino from a clone of the source on Github and using the example code in this issue, I'm getting the same Stack Overflow problem there described.

    Sometimes instead of a stack overflow, I see a guru meditation error:

    Guru Meditation Error: Core 0 panic'ed (LoadStoreError). Exception was unhandled

    In the project I'm trying to work on, I'm storing configuration in Storage and updating settings a second time causes a crash.

  • would be great if you check this issue and add things that are missing.

    You are welcome to fix issues for ESP32.

  • I have added a comment on that issue.

    I am having a go at finding the cause but I can't promise to get results. I only set up an environment for compiling Espruino yesterday and I don't have much experience with C. I will be happy if I can give something back though.

  • If you get stuck, just ask.

  • Is there a simple way to lookup exactly which BLE functions ARE supported by the latest and greatest for the ESP32? I just need some simple BLE GATT client support for my application...

    When you look at Gordon's support page he flat states the NO BLE support is in the binary, so anything is a win/win.

  • I would say this is a good starting point­e/master/targets/esp32

    this is a good starting point than dive into folder BLE

    and than check what's possible:­othDevice­othRemoteGATTCharacteristic­othRemoteGATTServer­othRemoteGATTService

    If you like you can share your tests so it could be added to this folder­e/master/targets/esp32/tests

    @JumJum Do you have some test snippets you used during the implementation you like to share?

  • Thank you!

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Espruino on ESP32

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