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  • So I'd like to do some research on the guesture recognition/control for Tensor Flow, but I'll be honest--I've never heard of TF before the Bangle.js. I'm happy to do my own research, but I have no clue where to start. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. And yes, I have Googled it, but TF has so much to it, it's difficult to find something for what you're looking for unless you already know what it is you're looking for. Specifically, I'm looking for Android implementation. Any recommended starting place helps. Thanks!

  • @PlaidFox I am in a similar boat, I was planning to start with the Gesture Test app in the Bangle repository

    Also there are some links posted by @Gordon in this comment that might come in handy.

    Do share your successes and learnings :D

  • Hi! The comment linked above is probably a good starting point. Specifically the 'Colab' is really neat and should provide a load of info on training a model.

    I'll be doing some proper tutorials in the next few weeks though, which should help no end with this.

  • The Colab is the best place to start. For background you can read the blogpost by Andreas Madsen who built the TF models etc.

    I am also doing a write up on how I added a simple new gesture to my watch and then wired it into a different Bluetooth HID app. Spoiler video here


  • Thanks guys for some great places to start! I'll take a look :)

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Tensor Flow Lite Help

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