Iterate over array of objects

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  • How to write this correct?

    var replaceList  = { 
      yyyy: "d.getFullYear()", 
      yy:   "d.getFullYear().substr(-2)",
      mm:   "('0'+d.getMonth()).substr(-2)",
      dd:   "('0'+d.getDay()).substr(-2)",
      d:    "d.getDay()",
      m:    "d.getMonth()",
      HH:   "('0'+d.getHours()).substr(-2)",
      MM:   "('0'+d.getMinutes()).substr(-2)",
      SS:   "('0'+d.getSeconds()).substr(-2)",
      //.... and more 
    // create time normal 
    var timePattern =  { 0: "HH:MM:SS ", 1: "HH:MM" };
    var timeN =  timePattern[0];
    replaceList.forEach(e => {
      timeN = timeN.replace(e,replaceList[e]);
  • I think Object.keys will do you:

    Object.keys(replaceList).forEach(e => {
      timeN = timeN.replace(e,replaceList[e]);
  • Thanks, it works


  • Quite interesting... this logic pulls it of 'the other way round'... which may become a performance challenge when the replaceList being larger and larger compared to the pattern elements...

  • which may become a performance challenge

    It'll definitely get slower, however in this case we're actually doing the work on the PC before upload to the Bangle.js, so I don't think it'll be that big a deal for us. On Bangle.js itself this could be a complete pain though.

  • Ic... it is a one-time-thing of composing/generating the code before uploading it... as source?

  • That's the idea :)

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Iterate over array of objects

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