JSON.stringify() and char code 128

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  • How should this be coded?

    currency_symbol =  "€";
    // "\u00E2\u0082\u00AC"
    currency_symbol =  String.fromCharCode(128);
    // "\u0080"
  • Looks like 128: € is treated special, because 129 : 0xfc : ü works.

    ue = "ü";
    // "\u00FC"
  • Yes, it's a hack to allow unicode on Espruino (where it isn't natively supported). The IDE detects unicode, does the conversion, and uploads pre-converted code.

    I think the issue you have is that the Euro symbol isn't actually part of the 0-255 character range: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro_sign

    I guess in an ideal world that hack in the IDE would be configurable - you could choose if you wanted UTF8 encoding, or ISO10646-1, or something else.

    For now I'd manually specify it - either fromCharCode as you have done, or \x80

  • Thanks, that is exactly what I am using now.

          currency_symbol: "\x80",
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JSON.stringify() and char code 128

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