Wifi for networks with a username and password

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  • how do you join a wifi network using the esp8266 that requires a another layer of username and password[say university wifi] when you want to join it?

  • Wed 2019.11.27

    Was the definition and example(s) not enough?



  • I am not able to see a call that I can make that will either allow me to enter the username and password to join the university wifi or be able to write in the username and password for the wifi network I want to join...can you point me towards a certain method on the reference wifi link or the other link you have included? Thanks for the help

    For example- I want to join a network named Univ-Secure. Usually if i was doing this on my computer, I would click on the network on my computer and then be prompted to enter in my university username and password. I would like to write and upload a program to my esp that would be able to join this type of network

  • Hi, as you are using the ESP8266 have a look at this page


  • First step would be to capture what's happening in your browsers. Probably your browser's devtools or Fiddler would be sufficient.
    One you know what happens, you can try to emulate that with the ESP.

    In the simplest case, you get a webpage that contains a username and password input. If it's that simple, you can emulate that with the ESP with a simple http request to the right address.

    Or maybe it's more complicated, and there is a hidden token, cookie, whatnot.
    Start with capturing the login http traffic on your laptop.

    @ Robin & MaBa: If I understand correctly, you connect to the wifi network, and then you get a login page in your browser. All traffic is "hijacked" until you enter your credentials in the login page. Those credentials are usually different: "Everybody" knows the university wifi access code. But you can't actually use it, if you don't have active credentials.

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Wifi for networks with a username and password

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