• I was only trying to use a puck.js on win 7/64-bit. Not having Bluetooth on my PC I bought a BTL4LE as recommended from here: https://plugable.com/products/usb-bt4le . Zadig timed out after 5 mins consuming no cpu, and then froze. I had to kill it with Task Manager. But examination of the BTL4LE using Device Manager suggests the winusb driver was correctly installed (see attached screen clips). However, Espruino native IDE only recognises COM1 and not the new BTL4LE device (which has name BCM20702A0).

    So far, I'm not impressed. Any ideas?

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  • Mon 2019.11.18

    'So far, I'm not impressed. Any ideas?'

    I hope your comment 'not impressed' is not directed at Espruino. You will enjoy the ease of use once you are up and running.

    Hi @user104841 no experience with Win7

    I did however see this reading over the link posted in #1

    Sixth bullet item under 'Features' heading

    'Does not add Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) capability to Windows 7 and earlier.'

    I agree that their URL trailing in 'le' is mis-leading indeed! Time to contact their support.

    For what it's worth, I grabbed a generic Insignia BLE 4.01 dongle, ($10 at BestBuy) plugged it in to Win10 and it just worked out of the box. My apologies if that dampens your spirits. . . .


    First bullet item

    'Bluetooth Low Energy'
    'Pretty much all new computers come with Bluetooth 4, but you may need to get an external Bluetooth LE dongle if your computer: Is a Windows PC with a Windows version before 10'

    What version of the Native WebIDE is installed?

    EDIT: (time to eat crow)

    That said, just found a ref to the BCM20702A1 supported device but not the BCM20702A0 mentioned in post #1

    Second bullet item
    Plugable USB-BT4LE - Broadcom BCM20702A1


    This may not apply as the device 'A0' is not listed below the supported device types

    Were these instructions followed verbatim?


  • Thanks for getting the Plugable USB-BT4LE - that should be totally fine then. However if you can find the 4 digit USB vendor and product IDs in the Windows device manager then I can check and make sure.

    How long did you leave the Web IDE with the connection window showing? The USB dongle itself won't be shown as a connection device, but if it's working then after a few seconds you should see any Espruino devices in range added to the list.

    Please could you go to settings (top right), then 'Console' and copy/paste everything in there in here? It might give some hints about what is going on.

    Another quick way to get started if you have an Android phone is to use the 'relay' service. Go to http://espruino.com/ide/relay on your phone and connect, then go to http://espruino.com/ide on your PC and type the code on the phone into 'Relay Key' in settings. You can then connect via the Bluetooth radio in your phone.

  • Thanks both. It is working ok now. I made the mistake of thinking I would see the BT4LE as a device in Espruino IDE (as it shows for example COM1) without having to connect to the puck.js, so I was testing the IDE without having powered up the puck. My thinking being "one step at a time, get win7 working with BLE first". Doh!

  • Ahh - great - glad it's working for you!

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Zadig hangs installing winusb, Native IDE doesn't recognise usb-bt4le

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