How to use python on Espruino MDBT42Q ?

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  • Can anyone please give a tutorial or direction on how to use python on Espruino MDBT42Q .

  • Thr 2019.07.11

    Have you taken a peek at:­on-multiplatform-

  • Do you mean write code for the MDBT42Q in Python? If so, this is probably not the forum for you. Check out micropython which will run on similar devices to Espruino, though I don't know about MDBT42Q.

    What I would say is you can accomplish the same objectives using Espruino & Javascript which is arguably a more useful learning curve, and you'll get plenty of help in this forum so stick around :)

  • As @Ollie says the Espruino MDBT42Q board was designed for running Espruino, a JS interpreter. We don't support running other types of firmware on there - and honestly I think you'd find Espruino's JS easier if you plan to do any Bluetooth stuff.

    I'm not 100% sure about micropython support on nRF52832 but I know that Adafruit does support it (­nrf52832/). While you may be able to run that firmware on the MDBT42 breakout (since it uses that module) you may find it easier just to buy their board instead as I believe it'll have it preinstalled.

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How to use python on Espruino MDBT42Q ?

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