Hard resetting Pixl.js via BTN 1 not working ?

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  • Having had my Pixl.js (updated to 2V03) for just over 24hrs it's fair to say I'm still very much learning. Having played around a bit, I used the save() function to write to the flash.

    However, I'm now unable to clear out the saved code by performing a 'hard reset' (as per the instructions) by pressing BTN 1 for ten seconds; as it simply doesn't appear to work.

    Holding BTN 1 for ten seconds does absolutely nothing, at no point does my Pixl.js display 'Removed saved code from Flash'. Upon removing & replacing the battery the original saved code reboots.

    BTN 1 is functioning correctly as I'm able to turn the toggle the backlight on and off.

    Any suggestions as to how I perform a hard reset to clear the flash?

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  • Sun 2019.05.19

    Good Morning @mports

    'BTN 1 is functioning correctly . . .'

    Although you appear certain, a quick double check for me to be able to visualize, with the micro USB power cable entering from the right-hand side, screen facing up, BTN1 would be upper left or 11 O'Clock position.

    'Holding BTN 1 for ten seconds does absolutely nothing'

    Is power being applied after the button is being pressed?

    I'm reluctant to suggest the following as it is a bandaid to resolving the Hard-Reset process, but re-flashing could be an option.

  • Just tried it, and seems to work. Where is your experience different?

    Remove power
    Hold BTN1
    Power it up & still hold BTN1
    The display shows a progress bar for 10 for DFU (still hold the button)
    Some selftest message (still hold the button)
    The display prints self test messages (still hold the button)
    Selftest finishes, and finally prints the following (still hold the button):

    Erasing saved code
    Removed saved code from flash

    Basically held BTN1 all the time.
    Removed power, power it up again (unpaired from windows, paired again, because windows is windows), and successfully connected to it. Flash erased.

  • Btw, if you can connect to it, just type reset(1) to erase the flash.

  • Thanks guys,

    Okay time to come clean, if I’m being totally honest I think I was having a ‘senior moment’. In as much as, I may have not completely removed the battery power - Duh !

    All resolved now, sorry ;-)



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Hard resetting Pixl.js via BTN 1 not working ?

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