Help to find out correct Lipo Charger

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  • Hello all

    I've nearly finish an awesome project with Espruino Pico ;-) ... Now, to get this project as small as possible I've bought some small single cell Lipo batteries (450mAh - 800mah - 1200mah ) for tests.

    But now I really don't know what king of charger I do need for this.

    I've bought this one, but nothing happens when in plug one of my battery . I know I have to be carreful with this king of batteries, and all I can find, I mean, what I've found is mostly online ressources speaking about multiple cells for drones...

    thank's for your advices

  • I like the wemos lipo charger

    Edit: allows 5v output and loading in parallel

  • Is your battery still alive? Check with a multimeter whether it still outputs 3-4V.
    Is the polarity correct? The charger and the battery may have different pinout...

    It's possible, that your battery is dead. Btw, most likely you can get the battery locally (altho don't know where you live), or from a proper electronics parts supplier (digikey, farnell, mouser. Or one of the hobby electronics stores).

  • It looks from that link you sent like your battery has a little PCB with a protection circuit in it, which is great news - it means you're far less likely to be able to do anything dangerous with it.

    The real horror stories come from the drone batteries which don't have a protection circuit - it's then super easy to over-discharge them, which makes them swell up, or to accidentally short them when they'll be able to produce lots of current. I've been messing around with LiPos for ages and the only time anything has been a worry was when I was playing with an old laptop battery without protection.

    As @AkosLukacs says I'd check the voltage on the battery just to be sure it's ok - the charger won't do anything if the battery voltage is out of range.

    As for chargers, I'd have thought any standard LiPo charger would do. I've been using TP4056 based chargers recently though. For example:­0126-tp405601a-lipo-battery-charging-mic­ro-usb-blue

    Some of those ones come with a battery protection circuit too - but you don't need that as there's one in your battery.

    Just to add, if you need nice batteries locally you can always look at mobile phone batteries - some of those can be reasonably small (700mAh or so) and are in a nice case with protection circuit - especially with the Nokia ones you can just solder to the end of them.

  • @AkosLukacs, yeah , I've checked before the batteries, I think they are not dead, (3.4V for all).

    @MaBe, @Gordon , let's try your recommendations, I've found a seller from France on Ebay, very soon I'll tell you if I finally manage to load my batteries.

    Thank's a lot!

    PS: you'r right Gordon, I wanted some batteries with a protection circuit, I hope I'll use then when I'll receive the charger you and Mabe propose.

  • I forgot to answer:
    the wemos lipo charger work's very well
    thank's guy

  • Very good choice ;-)

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Help to find out correct Lipo Charger

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